FRI NIGHT VID: Hazel Findlay climbs Mind Control

Our Friday Night Video this week is a portrait of Hazel Findlay from BMC TV. The film follows Hazel through a shoulder operation, her subsequent recovery and her battle to climb her hardest sport route: Mind Control at Oliana

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Amazing video - I really enjoyed watching that - i'm currently 1 week post op after a left shoulder SLAP repair. It's really inspiring to see someone climb a route right back at their (very) high standards after this...
Inspiring film for anyone who has struggled with injury and the sense of losing a bit of yourself when you have to stop climbing. Beautifully paced with a particularly interesting interview with the Physio, Pablo...
Absorbing, honest, and emotional story. This is probably editing for the UKC post, but why is there such a big gap in the timeline between the operation and the launch into climbing her 8c project? I'd love to see the...

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