Rainshadow (9a) for Ryan Pasquill

Ryan Pasquill has climbed Rainshadow (9a) at Malham Cove , ending a protracted battle. He has been trying the route for several years now and came very close in 2015 after climbing through the crux and onto the headwall. Unfortunately for Ryan, he broke his ribs on a drunken escapade in which he cycled into a wall, putting a stop to that seasons' attempts.

Ryan on the rest before the crux of Rainshadow, 215 kb
Ryan on the rest before the crux of Rainshadow
© Guy van Greuning

Pre-empting any setbacks for this season, Ryan started early and began reacquainting himself with Rainshadow as soon as it was dry. He told UKC:

'It was my 6th week of trying this year and 12th session. The Redpoint for me was pretty all out as usual. The crux is pretty close to the limit of my power, so doing it after climbing Raindogs requires a bit of mental tenacity. I guess you could say this is one of my strengths, as I'm almost as weak as Steve (McClure).

'In the end it came down to one move. The last move of the crux is a blind dead point slap to a pocket crimp. After that the climbing gets a bit easier, but it's still 8a to the top with some pretty fluffable moves. But luckily on the day I kept it together and snuck to the chains. Nice to finally surpass my high point from three years ago'

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Rainshadow is the stunning extension to Raindogs and was first climbed by Steve McClure in 2003. It was not until 2010 that it saw a repeat from none other than Adam Ondra. It has since had a number of ascents from the likes of Jordan Buys, Stu Littlefair, Ben Moon and Will Bosi.

Here's a video of Ben Moon climbing the route in 2015:

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I don't think that's true, there are a fair few people who climb at a really high level who most people will never have heard of. For example Toby Saxton who's bouldered 8C/+(Monkey wedding and the Finnish line in...
True but usually if 'what you can do' is high standard and impressive then you'll usually make the news for at least some of it. I seem to remember that he was close to doing Steve Mac's unrepeated route, Mutation, at...
Unknown? I can't believe I just read that.  Ryan has been around for years. He did the first ascent of "the hardest route on grit" according to John Dunne, amongst many, many other super impressive ascents.
Good question. You'd think not much as he likes climbing in nice places haha, but I've seen him dragged along to the cave by Maddie (Usually after a party the night before). They'll climb all day and he will do well...
He is not unknown to anyone who knows anything about recent British climbing. Did you not look at the related posts at the bottom of the page. You will probably say you never heard of Hank Pasquill as well.   Post...

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