UKC/UKH Gear Pages Updated

Big changes to our Gear Pages have been rolled out this week, creating a more attractive and user-friendly browsing experience. Our developers have been working away behind the scenes to spruce up the look, and to make finding a particular item that bit smoother and more intuitive. We're really pleased with the result, and at the risk of blowing our own trumpet we hope you like it too!

The main Gear page on both UKC and UKH now has a clearer layout, with bigger, bolder thumbnails. The Latest Reviews across all product categories come top, followed by the Latest News - announcements direct from manufacturers.

The new and improved Gear homepage, 219 kb
The new and improved Gear homepage

Latest Group Tests, 175 kb
Latest Deals, 150 kb

The search by product category has been refined, with the addition of many new sub-headings. As an example, let's say you're looking for softshell reviews. Simply scan along our Categories bar to Clothing, then scroll through the drop-down menu. In the Softshell sub-section you'll find a Featured Review, a montage of all the relevant Latest Reviews, and below that the Latest News from brands relating to softshells.

You can now search gear by category and sub-heading, 160 kb
You can now search gear by category and sub-heading

The General Search, 96 kb

Items can be categorised twice - for instance, softshell and legwear or Ice Axes and Review Compilations (see example left)

And as well as being listed under their appropriate categories, all the Comparison Reviews can now be seen grouped together here

Group test page, 151 kb
Group test page
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Each brand now has its own page too, making it easier for people with specific preferences to search their favourites e.g. Rockfax

Rockfax Brand Page, 209 kb
Vertebrate Publishing Brand Page, 194 kb
Climbers Club Brand Page, 224 kb

On the gear pages, adverts and deals are now brand-specific too.

The new and improved Gear pages: Brand related ads and deals in the sidebar, 184 kb
The new and improved Gear pages: Brand related ads and deals in the sidebar
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