BMC AGM Live Forum Q&A on UKC

On Wednesday 6th June from 12-2pm, we will be hosting a live Q&A session in our forum with Andy Syme, chair of the BMC Yorkshire Area and member of the BMC National Council, ahead of BMC AGM on 16th June.

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Have you got BMC AGM confusion? No time to wade through the longer threads on the topic with people who seem to know all the details? No problem: Andy is here to help. He's been working as a volunteer to implement the proposals of the recent organisational review report.

Feel free to ask Andy anything AGM-related, from "What is an AGM and why is it important?" all the way to technical details about the proposed constitutional changes that will be voted on.

Taking part is simple: keep an eye out for the UKC forum post titled 'LIVE Q&A: Andy Syme on the BMC AGM' and post your questions in a forum comment. Andy will be present to answer your questions promptly during the 2 hour session.

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