FRI NIGHT VID: Climbing again after Cancer

In November 2017, Hyeri Heath was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27. The cancer spread throughout her left breast and she underwent a mastectomy. She is currently receiving Herceptin and hormone therapy. Hyeri and her husband Dan have documented each stage of her illness, from diagnosis to her current recovery process. They've just released a video of Hyeri climbing for the first time since her operation in late December.

Judging by Hyeri's smile and dance moves, we think she's very happy to be back! Keep up the good work!

'I want to raise awareness of cancer in young women.'

Visit Hyeri's YouTube channel to hear more about her journey.

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I went through Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 25, and had a course of fairly aggressive Chemo Therapy for 4 months. Climbing was my life and was told I should not risk climbing. After a month I decided I couldn't not. At...
Cancer is a cruel disease and life-threatening. Congrats on coming back to climbing after a foul disease like that. Other things that can stop you climbing are motor-cycle accidents and falling off huge Tasmanian sea...

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