FRI NIGHT VID: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk TEDx Talk

This week's Friday Night Video is a TEDx talk featuring none other than Mina Leslie-Wujastyk. Using climbing as her narrative, Mina explores the ideas of determination, dealing with adversity and achieving big goals. Mina has been attempting Rainshadow (9a) at Malham for the past couple of years and whilst she has invested a huge amount of time and energy in trying her project, it hasn't been plain sailing.

Mina wrote on her Facebook:

"The talk is about cultivating determination, despite uncertainty, in the pursuit of big goals. I use climbing as a narrative but I hope that the message can be related and found relevant to any goals or dreams you may have.

Amongst other things, I discuss vulnerability and, funnily enough, posting this now makes me feel very nervous and vulnerable! I guess everything has a challenge and lesson.

I hope it's enjoyable and useful."

Mina is sponsored by: Arc'teryx, Beta Climbing Designs, BMC, DMM, Five Ten and Organic

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