Malham Cove defaced by Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea - arguably Britain's best tea brand* - has defaced sport climbing mecca Malham Cove with head sculptures of four English football players. Never mind the chiselling - we think this is a major snub to Malham's climbing pioneers such as Steve McClure, John Dunne, Ron Fawcett and Pete Livesey.

Some footballers on Malham Cove., 157 kb
Some footballers on Malham Cove.
© Yorkshire Tea

UKC and Rockfax Director Alan James suggested the choice of location was poor. 'My only objection to this is that they should really be on Raven Tor since three of the footballers are from South Yorkshire,' he commented.

In honour of their "rock solid" devotion to the Cove, here's one we made earlier with some stalwarts of the Cove's development. Unfortunately, only two are Yorkshiremen:

Pioneers of Malham Cove., 156 kb
Pioneers of Malham Cove.

Suggested new lines include The Noses of El Cove, the North Face of Fawcett, Chiselling the Dunne and Totally 'Ste'.

McClure told UKC: ''This new addition to Malham cove is excellent news. Having run out of routes to do, this addition will offer a load of new lines. The next 9b project could easily be the direct over Ron's Nose.'

*Other tea brands are available, but don't bother.

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