FRI NIGHT VID: A Line Across the Sky - The Fitzroy Traverse

This week's Friday Night Video is the award-winning 'A Line Across the Sky' from Reel Rock. The film covers Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold's first ascent of the 5km Fitzroy Traverse in Patagonia, Argentina. Whilst Caldwell had previous Patagonia experience, Honnold had never climbed in the region, and their ascent followed a season a prolonged bad weather, even by Patagonian standards...

The Fitzroy Traverse - starting on the far right.  © Matt Pycroft
The Fitzroy Traverse - starting on the far right.
© Matt Pycroft

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28 Sep, 2018

One of the best climbing films I've ever seen. 

28 Sep, 2018

Second ascent, Ged? I think I have some ‘Gore-Tex tennis shoes’ somewhere...

28 Sep, 2018

Great stuff, reminds me why i don't alpine climb but really inspiring film and what a line!

28 Sep, 2018

Agree 100%, they did a great job of editing the limited footage from Honnold and Caldwell with the background interviews etc. Honnold and Caldwell’s enthusiasm is infectious! 


28 Sep, 2018

Wow - just wow...

Beautiful film, merging ascent footage with lovely landscape film.  What sings out loudly is the dynamic of these two climbers; super-skilled and just rolling with the adventure.

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