adidas ROCKSTARS 2018: Report

The 2018 adidas ROCKSTARS competition combined climbing with live music and show acts, and is an annual invitation-only competition, with some participants earning a place by competing in national 'Ticket to Rockstars' events across the globe.

Rockstars 2017 3, 177 kb

Top boulderers from the IFSC circuit shared the stage with some pro/amateur competitors. Alex Puccio (USA) and Keita Watabe (JPN) led after semis. Will Bosi (GBR) finished in 15th place.

The knock-out final round and superfinals were an exciting spectacle, with some entertaining dance moves from Jernej Kruder (SLO) and Jongwon Chon (KOR) before their head-to-head race to complete the superfinal boulder. Miho Nonaka (JPN) beat Alex Puccio (USA) after a closely-fought race, and 2018 World Cup overall winner Jernej Kruder kept ahead of Jongwon Chon from the start thanks to a tactical start position.

Full results here.


Men's Rockstars podium., 83 kb
Men's Rockstars podium.


Women's Rockstars podium., 86 kb
Women's Rockstars podium.

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I don't mind a bit of Liam, I'd rather have his enthusiasm than Charlie's stoicism... but agree we don't need move-by-move talk. Sasha has a fairly monotone voice which grates after a while and didn't seem to offer...
He didn't seem to have much to contribute at the weekend though. At one point, Lonsdale actually asked him for his thoughts on something and he still didn't really say anything. I got the impression that they'd put him...
Boscoe is a fine announcer. My dream team would be to couple him to Sean McColl for the Olympics (after Sean doesn't make the finals). Sean's always had the most insightful commentary of anyone I've heard. Odds are,...
Screaming every move as it happens, it's like he is doing a radio show for the hard of hearing instead of commentating the competition. Alx: I completely agree about the Lonsdale/Megos relationship, the whole thing...
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha   So true, and the endless talking about shoes.... To my knowledge Lonsdale doesn't climb hard enough to really know what's he talking about with...
We just put the sound on mute after a while I got so tired of:  “Have you heard of Alex Megos?, Alex Megos is a climber, Alex wouldn’t like that knee bar, Alex is not at this competition, Alex would have liked to...

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