FRI NIGHT VID: IFSC World Championships Innsbruck: Women's Boulder Finals LIVE

This week's Friday Night Video is a livestream of the women's boulder finals at the 2018 IFSC World Championships in Innsbruck. Team GB's Hannah Slaney finished a very commendable 11th place in the semi-finals, just a few weeks after her World Youth Championship win in Moscow.


Women's boulder semi-final results © UKC News
Women's boulder semi-final results

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16 Sep, 2018

As fantastically gymnastic as it looks what a load of Tosh.

Bright lights, music cheering. its like bringing f*cking blackpool to the climbing world.

A far cry from the piece and tranquility of Bridestones on a crisp winters day!

Infact narrr lets get more of this might keep the beany wearing crowds off the crags!

16 Sep, 2018

You had me at "fantastically gymnastic".

I am sure if you look you might be able to find some footage of Bridestones on the internet if that's your thing. I think I would rather just go there though...and watch this when I am at home :)

I found it really captivating and my kids refused to go to bed until they saw the end!