How do you climb a trad route when you have absolutely no idea about traditional climbing? Blake McCord and Jeff Snyder set out to understand the intricacies of nut keys, hexes, 'processes' and 'journeys.'

The makers say this: 'JAM infuses a story of obsession and meticulous plot confusion into a rarely told saga of overcoming success and obstacles. This unfortunately long film strikes a perfect balance of forward looking and backwards thinking and will have you pondering the future of climbing.'

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Such modesty. :-) I wasn't aware that one could have a discerning sense of humour, but now I do I will try and educate myself so that I don't laugh at the wrong things.... It was silly, and it made me chuckle. I like...
I didn't think I'd get much out of this vid, but it really surprised me. I would never have believed that, having climbed for so long, there'd still be so much to learn about trad placements that had somehow escaped me.

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