FRI NIGHT VID: Why We Climb - Women's Trad Festival 2018

This week's Friday Night Video takes us to a very sunny Peak District, where the Women's Trad Festival 2018 took place this summer. UKClimbing and Rab teamed up to create a film that captured the heart and soul of the Festival.

Irrespective of age, gender or experience, the reasons why we climb are much the same: for the friends, for the movement, for the people, for the places, and perhaps most of all - because it's fun.

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Despite having watched this 101 times the opening sequence still brings a smile to my face. Really happy to have played a small part in putting it together, but ultimate thanks must go to both the organisers - and the...
Awesome little video. I agree with all the reasons in the video, and your reasons. Most people probably look at cliffs and mountains and think "beautiful" (maybe scary too). We also see that, but also look for great...

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