FRI NIGHT VID: Pen y Holt - Range West, Pembroke

Tonight's Friday Night Video is another great piece of work from UKC user David Linnett of Bald Eagle Productions. As always, David introduces the film for us:

'Here is an early Xmas offering and a wee video about a climb up the striking and photogenic Pen y Holt sea stack in Range West, Pembroke with local doyens Paul Donnithorne and Emma Alsford. Appearing to lean in all directions and situated on a friendly platform, Pen y Holt stack was first climbed in 1980 and offers ascents for most abilities. Along with the "adventurous" approach and excellent summit views, the stack makes a well worthwhile excursion for competent teams!

Range West is home to acres of superb climbing for all grades, for which the lower grades are particularly well represented. However the Range is on MOD land and if you wish to climb here, you must attend a briefing at Castlemartin Army Camp for which the 2019 briefing dates should be released via the BMC very soon.

Featuring the beautiful walk in (bikes highly recommended), the fun but "adventurous" approach (low spring tides essential), bobbing seals, some eye-popping exposure and after the end credits a rather interesting abseil off a buoy! Yep, that's right one of those flotation devices normally found anchored in the sea...'

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Finally the Range West briefing dates for 2019 are released! If you have never been then make a New Year's resolution to attend a briefing for...
Hey sjminfife thanks a million for your kind words and the easiest route on Pen y Holt stack is only HS 4b but still quite serious for the grade. However if you ever go for it I would recommend the "Triple H Challenge"...
Thanks a million for the kind words as it is muchly appreciated and I'm delighted to hear you rocked up Armorican after watching my vid. Range West is well worth making the effort to attend a briefing at Catlemartin as...

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