FRI NIGHT VID: Jim Bridwell's Last Interview

Our Friday Night Video this week is Jim Bridwell in conversation with John Long. This interview would be Bridwell's last and the following day Bridwell, who was critically ill with Hepatitis C, passed into a coma. The video covers a controversial event in climbing history: Cesare Maestri's purported 1970 ascent of the Compressor Route on Cerro Torre, Patagonia and Bridwell's 1979 ascent of the route.

Bridwell passed away aged 73 in February 2018 and left a legacy of incredible achievements including over 100 first ascents in the Valley, most notably Sea of Dreams on El Capitan and the first one-day ascent of the Nose in 1975 with Billy Westbay and John Long.

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22 Feb


Edit. Heroes.

22 Feb

A phenomenal interview. You can see him seeing the climb in his mind.... wonderful

That is so moving. The spirit of the guy, right to the end, 'Balls to the wall.'

23 Feb

Hard to watch, especially knowing what happened the following day. John Long did a good job of gently but firmly questioning him. I'd rather remember him in that classic photo of him Westbay and Long in the meadow after their one day ascent of The Nose. Or the brilliant B+W photo looking down on him guiding a stretcher down El Cap in a dramatic rescue. His account of Sea of Dreams is a great read too:

23 Feb

Yes that was shocking, he looked really bad. Met him in J Tree a few years ago, he was guiding and was friendly and healthy.

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