Statement of Youth Clip: Hunter House Road and the Dole

In the run-up to the Statement of Youth Tour, we have another clip from the film. The 1980s was a time of social upheaval and this was reflected in the lives of climbers at the time. Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon and others lived in a house with up to 20 other people. The state of the house was horrendous, but at least there were people to go climbing with. There were very few jobs available, so everyone was claiming the dole - one of Margaret Thatcher's unintended legacies was to help push the standards of world rock climbing.

Tour Dates

The Castle, London - Monday 18th March - Tickets on sale now

Reading Climbing Centre - Tuesday 19th March - Tickets on sale now

Manchester Climbing Centre - Wednesday 20th March - Tickets on sale now

The Boardroom, Queensferry - Thursday 21st March - Tickets on sale now

Beacon Climbing Centre, Caernarfon - Saturday 30th March - Tickets on sale now

George Fishers at the Keswick Alhambra Cinema - Friday 19th April - Tickets on sale now

The Mowbray, Sheffield - Thursday 25th April - Tickets on sale now

The Warehouse Climbing and Caving Centre, Gloucester - Friday 26th April

Rock UK, South Wales - Friday 26th April

Awesome Walls, Stoke - Saturday 27th April

Awesome Walls, Liverpool & Stockport - Saturday 11th May

The film screenings will be combined with a boot demo and Revo demo with film sponsors Boreal and Wild Country. Thanks also to the BMC for their sponsorship and support of the project.

The 1980's saw climbing standards rise exponentially. At the start of the decade, 7b+ was cutting edge, but by the end of the '80s 9a was the new world standard. By the end of the decade, the sport had changed beyond recognition and a paradigm was set for future generations.

A small group of climbers would do anything to climb full-time: sleeping in sheds underneath crags, shoplifting for food and clothes, and living off the dole. These climbers were living outside the rest of society and went on to become the most influential figures in the history of British climbing.

Featuring: Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Andy Pollitt, Chris Gore, Martin 'Basher' Atkinson, Zippy, Craig Smith, Steve the Pro, Mark Leach, and Ed Douglas.

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