FRI NIGHT VID: High Season - A Gritstone Bouldering Film

Our Friday Night Video this week takes us on a tour of Yorkshire's finest gritstone bouldering. High Season was filmed between October and May and includes Oliver Parkinson on some established classics, esoteric gems and a few first ascents. The video is beautifully self-filmed and interspersed with atmospheric shots of crags and moorland.

High Season from Oliver Parkinson on Vimeo.

Problems (in order of appearance):
The Lash (8A) - 0:50
Rumble in the Jungle (7C) - 2:40
Sweet Dreams (7C+) - 3:56
Borealis (8A) - 5:45
Lager Lager Lager (Dave's Groove) (7C) - 7:09
No Mercy (7C) - 8:24
Vicious Streak (8A) - 9:45
Ben's Groove sit-start (7C+) - 11:03
Myriad (7C) - 13:03
Sole Fusion (8A) - 15:04
Gun Shy (7C+) - 17:26
Ill Gotten Gains (8A) - 18:59

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1 Jun

Some fabulous crags there, but as far as the video went......ranks low in the Friday night list!

1 Jun

I thought this was great. A non-commercial, enthusiast produced film. The filming standard is excellent and some of the lines are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

1 Jun

Great shots and great editing - the music isn’t my cup of tea, but then one can’t have everything! Good work.

1 Jun

I agree, couldnt listen to that music, I had to turn the sound of. Cracking film otherwise

1 Jun

Jesus every time someone posts a video half of the comments are about the music. We get it guys, not everyone has the same taste in music...

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