British Bouldering Championships 2019 Livestreamed on BBC Sport

On Sunday 7th July, the La Sportiva BMC British Bouldering Championships, supported by Clif Bar, will be livestreamed from Devonshire Green in Sheffield on BBC Sport for the second year running.

Athlete presentation ahead of the 2018 finals.  © Pete Burnside
Athlete presentation ahead of the 2018 finals.
© Pete Burnside

The semi-finals and finals will be available to watch online on the BBC Sport Live Guide webpage or by using BBC iPlayer. Semi-Finals and Finals streams start at 10:15 and 17:05 respectively, on Sunday 7th July.

This year, the hashtag to remember is '#BBCs2019'. Read the BMC's list of this year's contenders in this article.

Click here for the BBC Sport livestream page.

Update after Semi-finals - Here are the finalists

Women's Final:

  • Nat Berry
  • Holly Toothill
  • Rhoslyn Frugtniet
  • Jan Wood
  • Hannah Smith
  • Imogen Horrocks

Men's Final:

  • Nathan Phillips
  • Billy Ridal
  • Jim Pope
  • Matt Varela-Christie
  • Dave Barrans
  • Max Milne

Full report below

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5 Jul

...and what Natalie has modestly declined to mention is that she will be competing!

5 Jul

Now that the BBC has banned non-licence holders from watching even iPlayer catch up, is there anywhere else we can view this at the time or afterwards? (Other than being there in person..)

You always needed a license to watch iPlayer didn't you?

6 Jul

You used to be able to watch catch up on iPlayer without a TV license, but had to have a license to watch live broadcasts.

6 Jul

Natalie climbed with such grace last year to claim bronze. Go team UKC!

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