FRI NIGHT VID: The Story of Mikey Schaefer

Our Friday Night Video this week follows the climbing of Mikey Schaefer, put together from ten years of archive footage from Mikey's climbs. These days, Mikey is known as 'the guy who can't watch' from Free Solo, but his climbing career extends further than a starring role in an Oscar winning film. He is known in particular for his first ascents in Patagonia and Yosemite, as well as his photography and this film gives a brief insight into the man:

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19 Jul

Lovely footage of an amazing place.

I'm usually all for some excitable, naval gazing Americans, but that was a bit too much even for me. He seems to be very surprised that it goes dark every day.

20 Jul

In my opinion, this is the best Friday night video I have ever seen. Something about the tone of MS's voice, the slightly ad hoc editing, the persistence of 10 years in Patagonia, the persistence of (bad) weather, the views of him and his mates on the granite summits which could have been boulder tops. Chapeau.

Lorens Holm


28 Jul

Really nice fella. Had the pleasure of sharing the Camp 4 bivvy on The Nose with Mikey.