The Mapmaker: Bouldering in North Carolina Fri Night Vid

This week's Friday Night Video follows mapmaker Joey Henson who has been drawing stunning maps of the boulders in North Carolina for many years. The film follows Joey and a community of rock climbers as they climb, document and preserve the environment around Boone.

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18 Oct, 2019

Well that was quite special - I don't care for bouldering personally, but climbing in NC (any sort) is great - the luxuriant plant growth makes everywhere feel rather unique and personal. And often some insider knowledge is needed to navigate - but if you get lost, it doesn't matter. As long as you don't get REALLY lost, in which case you will probably never be seen again.

18 Oct, 2019

Just great.

18 Oct, 2019

Nice film

19 Oct, 2019

Lovely, wish there were a lot more of it!

20 Oct, 2019

The small stuff is always more engaging: a video of quiet delight.

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