FRI NIGHT VID: Speak To Me Softly

This week's Friday Night Video takes us inside the mind of climber Jenny Abegg. We follow Jenny up a route as she experiences a range of fears and emotions, whilst fighting self-criticism from the voice we all have in the back of our heads. An original and though-provoking piece from director Henna Taylor.

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That's great, thanks!

Worst video in a while.

7 Jan

Some nice shots and climbing sequences, but the back 'story' is pseudo intellectual twaddle.

7 Jan

Just watched it, having avoided doing so until now partly because it sounded like it was going to be Americanised, pseudo-intellectual twaddle.

I was way more impressed than I expected. And, apparently in contrast to your opinion, I felt like I barely registered the quality of any climbing sequences, as I was caught up in the inner mental turmoil (which I assume to have been the director's intention). It can't be easy to draw viewers into empathy for a mental state far removed from their own, but I think in case case they managed to achieve that, certainly for me.

I'd certainly urge anyone else who may have avoided watching it for similar preconceived reasons as mine, to give it a chance.

7 Jan

This is the doom I feel whenever I climb trad seacliffs.

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