The Process: Niky Ceria establishing new lines in SardiniaFri Night Vid

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In this week's Friday Night Video, we follow Niky Ceria to Sardinia, where we see his approach to bouldering, exploring new landscapes and establishing exceptional new lines.

Ceria has a refreshing approach to bouldering, often seeking out the rarely repeated masterpieces, or developing his own new climbs. The common theme being all the lines are fantastic. Last year, he went to the esoteric venue Christianbury in Kielder Forest and repeated Dan Varian's masterpiece Bombadil (f8B+), for instance.

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The consummate Italian climber, Niky Ceria's gracious personality mixed with pure passion shines through in every interaction. Bouldering since age 14, Niky has since travelled the world repeating classic...

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