IFSC Announces China Events Rescheduling due to Coronavirus

During the IFSC Executive Board's monthly teleconference yesterday, a decision was reached to reschedule the World Cups that were due to take place in China - Wujiang (Boulder) and Chongqing (Speed) - in April due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus. Solutions are being discussed for either postponement or rescheduling of these events. The IFSC Asian Championships in Chongqing in May will also be rescheduled to a different location within Asia.

IFSC Boulder World Cup Chongqing 2019.  © IFSC/Eddie Fowke
IFSC Boulder World Cup Chongqing 2019.
© IFSC/Eddie Fowke

"Our athletes are at the centre of our sport and so their wellbeing, as well as that of IFSC staff, officials, organisers, press and spectators, must come first. As such, the World Cups in April will not take place in China. We're looking for alternative solutions and will be rescheduling these events," IFSC President Marco Scolaris said.

Anthony Seah, President of the IFSC Asian Council, confirmed that the IFSC Asian Championships (25th April - 23rd May), which was due to be held in Chongqing and will serve as an Olympic qualification event, will be moved to another location in Asia.

The IFSC is exploring viable alternative solutions, which be announced in the coming days.

In January, the IFSC sent 10,000 breathing masks to the Chinese Mountaineering Association as a gesture of support.

Other sporting events in Asia have also been cancelled or postponed. Earlier today, news broke that Formula One's Chinese Grand Prix has been postponed.

Watch a video below about the impact of the coronavirus in the climbing town of Yangshuo:

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Wow, that film on Yangshuo brought a tear to my eye.