Golden Gate on El Capitan Ground UpFri Night Vid

© Tyler Karow

This week's Friday Night Video takes us across the pond to Yosemite Valley where Tyler Karow and Amity Warne attempt to climb Golden Gate on El Capitan ground up. Tyler sent Amity a text on the off chance and just two days later they were hauling gear up to the Heart Ledges before their attempt began the following day. This was the pair's first time climbing together which perhaps explains how they are able to remain so positive during five gruelling days on El Capitan...

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11 Jun, 2021

To play devils advocate, if you haul your kit up fixed lines two days before, is it a ground up ascent?

11 Jun, 2021

LOL fair, I suspect that's an America big wall definition of ground up as they also talk about doing some of the lower pitches before?

12 Jun, 2021

As I understand it, the pitches up to Heart Ledges are part of the climb Salathe Wall. The climb Golden Gate starts from Heart Ledges.

12 Jun, 2021

Badass, super psyched team.

12 Jun, 2021

Great video.

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