UKC Christmas Quiz 2022 - The Answers

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Thank you to all who took part in our 2020 Christmas Quiz! The highest score was 85% by user wastedyouth. Here are the answers.


  1. Queen Elizabeth II died this year. Her Coronation Day coincided with the announcement of Mount Everest's first ascent as the news reached the UK. On which date did the Coronation Coincidence occur?
    2 June 1953
  2. Iranian climber Elnaz Rekabi made headlines worldwide for climbing without a hijab in the IFSC Asian Championships in Seoul this October, in what was widely perceived as an act of protest against the Iranian regime. Where did Elnaz place in the competition?
  3. How many times did the Peak Classic Rock by Bike Round get broken this year following its first attempt in June?
  4. Ski-mountaineer Hilaree Nelson died this year. On which three mountains did she make her most difficult high altitude ski descents?
    Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu
  5. In this year's British Lead Climbing Championships, how many gold medals did the Ukrainian Kazbekov/Perlova family win?
  6. An all-female team who completed the first repeat of Rayu 8c (600m) on Peña Santa in the Picos de Europa. Which of the women below was *not* part of the team?
    Barbara Zangerl
  7. On their climbing/climate science trip to Greenland, what was the name of the big walls climbed by Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold?
    Pool Wall and Ingmikortilaq
  8. How many GB Climbing Team members won senior IFSC World Cup medals this year? (any discipline)
  9. Will Bosi made the first ascent of Scotland's hardest sport route at Dumbarton Rock this year. Which of the below was *not* one of its working names or final name?
    Free at Last
  10. How many 4,000 metre summits did Fred Degoulet and Benji Ribeyre's Ultra Traversée de la Mer de Glace include?



  1. It doesnt take long for you to exhaust your bag of tricks and realise you're left with an unavoidable and incredibly intense shoulder-dependent sequence. I don't think I've tried many climbs where you ask so much of your shoulders.
    Aidan Roberts - Isles of Wonder Sit
  2. When you get to the finish jug, you still have this, like, outro V10 which is very much on you, all the way to the top, so to do this whole thing it requires both power and endurance.
    Daniel Woods - Alphane
  3. ______ was working on this crazy looking traverse starting with the weird overhead heelhook, with big moves on holes in the roof, ending…with an aggressive swing. That looked too futuristic for me at the time.
    Stasa Gejo - Mecanique Elementaire


  1. When I put the bolts in, I could see some holds. But I really didn't know what to think. The overhang was so big.

    It's the most challenging project I've ever done. It's the hardest route I've ever tried and climbed in my climbing career. This route marks a milestone in my climbing life."

    Seb Bouin - DNA
  2. The route fits my style, it is quite morphological (harder if you are short), but [could it] break the barrier into the 9b+ realm? I honestly do not know. It is also really difficult for me to tell what it could be compared with La Dura Dura, Change or Perfecto Mundo
    Adam Ondra - Wonderland
  3. As a side note on the grade… A hold broke out in the summer of 2020. According to some strong climbers (who knew the route before that happened), the crux is now harder that the hold is gone. I myself don't know how it was prior to the breaking, but the route seems to be a solid 9a+ now.
    Anak Verhoeven - No Pain No Gain


  1. Its a flipping massive big wall, on a huge sea cliff, with chossy rock, fulmars spitting at you left right and centre, and a lot of hard climbing.
    Robbie Phillips - The Long Hope
  2. Top roped twice, fell low. First hard move, purple C3 ripped, flipped over, fell below belay, escaped with rope burn around the neck, bruised ribs, and whiplash, lessons learned.
    Hazel Findlay - Impact Day
  3. It definitely wasn't about thin finger jams, but about some very powerful lay-backing on extremely bad and glassy footholds.

    I honestly believe the shorter you are, the harder this route gets… and yes: finger size doesn't matter!

    Jacopo Larcher - Meltdown
  4. The route holds the brilliant statistic to have had only two ascents, but at least three ground falls.

    I was pretty annoyed with myself, as I felt really good on the moves and really wanted to climb it without taking the ground fall, but at least I got to add to the statistic. I suppose it would be rude not to take the lob.

    Franco Cookson - Hold Fast, Hold True


Crossword Answers  © UKC Articles
Crossword Answers

Name That Crag

  1. Sergeant Crag Slabs
  2. Harrison's Rocks
  3. Birchen Edge
  4. Rainbow Slab Area
  5. Avon Gorge (Main Area)
  6. Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
  7. Mowing Word
  8. Stoney Middleton
  9. Lulworth
  10. Baggy Point


  1. bub noise (climber, 2 words)
    Seb Bouin
  2. ah nepal (boulder problem, 1 word)
  3. brethren rotating (climber, 2 words)
    Brette Harrington
  4. boat uranus who (climber, 2 words)
    Shawn Raboutou
  5. chortled pigeon (sea cliff route, 2 words)
    Longhope Direct
  6. exams lego (climber, 2 words)
    Alex Megos
  7. limps month smoothly (climber, 3 words)
    Molly Thompson-Smith
  8. angle bazaar brr (climber, 2 words)
    Barbara Zangerl

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