British Mountaineering Council CEO Paul Davies Resigns

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British Mountaineering Council CEO Paul Davies has resigned after three years in the role. 

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A statement from the BMC Board of Directors issued yesterday (20 September) reads:

'Paul Davies, BMC CEO, has sadly resigned and decided to pursue new avenues for a variety of personal reasons, including the unsustainable rigours of his commute and time away from his family.

We are grateful to Paul for his hard work during his three years as Chief Executive Officer for the BMC.  We are sure that you will join us in wishing him all the best for the future.'

Roger Murray, BMC Chair and BMC Board of Directors

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20 Sep

Trouble at t'mill again?

It would be good if he were to be replaced by someone less slippery and more in tune with what the BMC should be about but I doubt it. In any event hardly a great loss.

Maybe Laura Kuenssberg could be persuaded to do a three part documentary “State of Chaos at the BMC”?

Might take more than a 3 part series. The chaos has been going on for years/decades!

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