Wet Lycra Nightmare - Yosemite's Steepest Big WallFri Night Vid

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When Jordan Cannon fell near the end of a 5.13 pitch on Wet Lycra Nightmare (5.13d), the steepest big wall in the Yosemite Valley, he didn't give up. At least not on his climbing partner, Sam Stroh. Moving slowly upwards the duo gave it their all, and the sun-baked day ended with Stroh becoming the 5th person to ever climb the wall.

Next, it was Jordan's turn to do it in his own style, free-climbing the iconic route over two days and becoming the first person to do so in the process.

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22 Sep

Is there really no wall in the US that overhangs for more than 1000ft/300m? Seems incredible for such a huge country.

I think the limitation depends on rock physics, not the size of the country.

22 Sep

Hah! That sounds like a trick question - although I'm not quite sure why.

23 Sep

Is there one anywhere?

23 Sep

Mount Thor on Baffin Island has an overhanging face apparently 1,250m high. The Angel Falls face we climbed was probably over 900m high. Those are some of the more notable examples, but there's an enormous difference between those and 300m. It just struck me that a country with such vast and impressive geography, 300m didn't seem as high as I'd expected.

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