8B+ and two 8A+ flashes for Janja Garnbret

© Vladek Zumr

Janja Garnbret has climbed New Base Line (f8B+), in Averstal (Magic Wood), Switzerland. 

The boulder, first climbed by Bernd Zangerl in 2002, was originally graded 8C, and was intended to be the 'new base line' at the grade. Ironically, the grade subsequently dropped to 8B+, where it has since settled. 

New Base Line is Janja's second boulder at 8B+, having made the first female ascent of Bügeleisen (f8B+) last year. Janja's ascent is the tenth female ascent of New Base Line, and comes nine years after Shauna Coxsey made the first female ascent in 2014.

Shauna Coxsey on New Base Line, 8B+, Magic Wood/Averstal, Switzerland  ©  Luka Tambača
Shauna Coxsey on New Base Line, 8B+, Magic Wood/Averstal, Switzerland
© Luka Tambača

'Came here with no expectations' Janja shared on Instagram, 'my goal of the trip was to get back to climbing after a rest and climb as many different boulders as I can'.

'Of course I couldn't resist trying this amazing line. Checked out the moves on my first session, felt really solid and already close to sending'.

'On the send day I felt so tired and I doubted if I should even try it. Still, I walked up to the boulder and surprised myself with a send on my second try of the day. So psyched how quickly it went down! I will be back soon!'

Janja on Massive Attacke (f8A+)

In addition to climbing New Base Line, Janja made a further seven ascents at 8A and above, as well as climbing two 7C+/8A's.

Of those seven 8's, she flashed two, Jack's Broken Heart (f8A+) and Left Hand of Darkness (f8A+), both of which Janja gave slash grades of 8A/+.

Janja on Foxy Lady (f8A)

Despite dedicating the vast majority of her time to competition climbing, Janja is one of only fourteen women to have climbed two boulders at 8B+ or harder, and is one of just two women, alongside Michaela Kiersch, to have climbed two boulders at 8B+ and above, and two routes at 9a and above.

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