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© Roman Krajnik

Janja Garnbret has climbed all five of the Fontainebleau 'Big 5' boulders in a single day, on her very first trip to the forest.

Janja on Big Golden  © Roman Krajnik
Janja on Big Golden
© Roman Krajnik

The Fontainebleau Big 5 - consisting of Big Boss (f7C), Fourmis Rouge (f7C), Tristesse (f7C), Big Golden (f7C+), and Atrésie (f8A) - are all classic climbs at Cuvier Rempart. Completing the Big Five is seen by some as the ticket to becoming 'a true bleausarde' as Melissa Le Nevé told us in 2015, when she became the first woman to complete the set. 

Janja on Tristesse, 7C  © Roman Krajnik
Janja on Tristesse, 7C
© Roman Krajnik
Janja on Big Boss, 7C  © Roman Krajnik
Janja on Big Boss, 7C
© Roman Krajnik

Whilst the hardest boulder of the five, Atrésie, comes in at 8A, and therefore shouldn't represent too much of a challenge for a climber with multiple boulder ascents at 8B+ to her name, the fact that Garnbret was able to climb these boulders on her first trip to Fontainebleau, shortly after winning Gold at both in the lead in Wujiang and in the boulder at Keqiao, and at a time when all of her training is likely to be on plastic - ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics - is worthy of notice.

Her coach Roman Krajnik shared the news on his social media, saying:

'Big 5 in a day. Not that bad for the first time in Font'.

Janja on Atrésie, 8A  © Roman Krajnik
Janja on Atrésie, 8A
© Roman Krajnik

To get more of a sense of the challenge that the Big Five represent, you can read Solly Kemball Dorey's account of his own effort to climb them all in a day below:

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22 Apr

I think it says something about what such an amazing climber she is that the most shocking thing is that this is the first time she has been to Font!

22 Apr

The key question is when. Given that there's barely been two days without rain this season.


Weather was great a couple of weeks after Easter :)

24 Apr

A very impressive feet for any climber! Interesting to hear Solly's Big 5 in a day wasn't reported on as well?

24 Apr
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