The Players - American Climbers in the 2000sFri Night Vid

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This week's Friday Night Video is a blast from the past, featuring some of the top climbers from the 2000s: Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, Chris Lindner, and Ethan Pringle. The filming showcases a wide variety of disciplines, from hard trad climbing across Colorado's front range, deep water soloing in Vietnam, and hard bouldering in the States.

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17 Nov, 2023

While indeed these names have been in the lime light already in early 2000, a lot of them still continue to crank rather hard and make the headlines.

In fact, I don’t recall reading much about Rands or Lindner. But to fair, even they might still Climb hard and make the headlines… I’ve just might have missed those.

18 Nov, 2023

It's not necessary to use the word "man" at the end of every other sentence.

21 Nov, 2023

Had to do a double take there: 2000 really is a "blast from the past" now, isn't it ?

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