COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Beal SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness

WINNER: Hezeki

Beal are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness.

The SHADOW SOFT is a classic, fully adjustable harness thanks to its 4 metal buckles. It benefits from the latest Web-Core SOFT technology yet retains a simplistic style with traditional gear loops.

In order to distribute pressure on both hips and thighs as evenly as possible during a fall or whilst at a belay, Beal have devised a new manufacturing process in order to minimise the effects of impact force. Web-Core is a broad, yet thin and light piece of webbing which is laser cut to match the harness' shape and is laminated - at high temperature - to both the interior and exterior of the harness. This webbing, which is the same size as the comfort parts, assures optimal pressure distribution without any compression zones where the body is in contact with the harness. There are numerous benefits to this innovation: it allows for thinner, compact and lighter weight harnesses whilst increasing comfort.

Web-Core technology can be divided into two lines:


Non-laminated Web-Core technology with foam padding, for ultra comfortable harnesses.


Laminated Web-Core technology with wider belt, for ultra comfortable and compact harnesses.

For a chance to win the Beal SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness correctly answer the following question:

This competition has now closed.

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