Kendal Film Festival winners

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Here are the winners from this year's Kendal Mountain Film Festival, which took place last week in the Lake District:

Grand Prize (Berghaus) - Your Himalaya
Mountaineering (Climber Magazine) - Sur les Filde 4000
Climbing (Scarpa) - Psicobloc
Mountain Adventure (Rural Regeneration Cumbria) - Alone Across Australia
Mountain Culture (First Ascent) - Charles, Edouard ou le Temps
Mountain Environment (First Ascent) - Das Rad
Video Short - (NW Vision) - Highliner
People's Choice (Bridgedale) - Twice Upon a Time in Bolivia
Extreme Film School (Lowepro/Manfrotto) - Prohibited
Judges' Special Prize (KMFF) - Au Sud Des Nuages

More info from the Festival Website

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