VIDEO: Dave MacLeod, New Base Line, 8B+

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2012
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Dave MacLeod on New Base Line, 8B+, Magic wood, Switzerland, 67 kbDave MacLeod on New Base Line, 8B+, Magic wood, Switzerland
© Polished Project (video still)

In this video, Dave MacLeod repeats Bernd Zangerl's classic New Base Line at Magic Wood in the Averstal, Switzerland.

Originally given 8C, this problem is more or less considered as a benchmark 8B+, which shouldn't be confused with a British benchmark 8B+ as that, quite obviously, would be considerably harder.

It would certainly be very interesting to see some world class boulderers giving Britain's most difficult problems some serious effort!
Any takers?

Thanks to Polished Project for the video.

Dave MacLeod is sponsored by GORE-TEX , Scarpa , Black Diamond and Mountain Equipment


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This has been read 8,962 times