VIDEO: Meshuga (E9) for Ethan Walker

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Nov/2013
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The grit season is in full swing, and there's some impressive ascents on the UKC Top Ascents Page this week. One of those ascents is Ethan Walker's rapid tick of Meshuga, the classic gritstone E9.

Below is an excellent little video from Jon Clark. Jon commented on his Vimeo Page:

"Here is another quick video of Ethan Walker crushing at Black Rocks, this time the stunning and scary line of Meshuga. After climbing Gaia the day before Ethan worked this classic E9, but decided not to go for it that day, instead returning the day after with a fresh mind to go for the lead. It was a super windy day, but he still managed to look steady all the way…

Unfortunately i was only able to capture the ascent from the ground that day, due to it being just the two of us at the crag, but you get the idea :)"


Ethan Walker is sponsored by: Five Ten and Mammut

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This has been read 6,096 times