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Why Boulder Shack?

We believe in valuing every member of our Team and supporting them on a journey to be the best version of themselves possible. Everyone’s voice is listened to and celebrated. Shack is a rewarding, energetic space that is fun to be part of; at times it’s difficult, tiring and emotionally draining; but together, our Team is a force to be reckoned with, and comes together when called. At the heart of Shack’s success are our leaders, your work will shape our future.

If you’re willing to step-in and lead with pride, respect, and commitment we will achieve amazing things for the community we serve.

We’re exciting to be recruiting a Duty Manager to join our growing team.

Want to apply for a job?

Key Duties:

Key Holder: You will be given a set of keys to the centre. With this comes the responsibility of ensuring the security of the site whilst we are closed. Duty managers will be the first person on site in the morning, and the last person to leave in the evening.

Manage the daily running of the centre: You will have autonomy for how your shift runs. When people take their breaks and are expected to keep the team busy during quiet periods. You will be responsible for maintaining aspects of our Safe Operating Procedures such as correct supervision of novices and young climbers. and the health, safety, and welfare of all people on site.

Supervise and train Team Members: Once established in your role, you will be responsible for the training and development of those on shift with you.

Delivery of climbing sessions: We run a large variety of climbing sessions, if you don’t already know how to instruct/ coach climbing, we’ll be teaching you! It is expected that all members of our Team deliver instructed sessions.

Be inspirational: This is what it says on the tin really; you should be able to motivate and lead a team of individuals in a supportive and fun manner.

Uphold the values of Boulder Shack: We are known for our friendly environment and approachableness. You will need to display this whilst leading a busy shift. An ability to appear unphased whilst working under pressure is a great advantage.
N.B. There are more, but we feel these are the most important…

Hard Skills:


  • Previous leadership experience.
  • Customer service guru.
  • Capable of managing your own workload effectively.


  • Knowledge of Health and Safety at Work legislation, and how this impacts the employer and employees.
  • Food hygiene Level 2.
  • Knowledge of G-Suite.

Human skills:

 *Below is a list of attributes we feel make a good leader. We do not expect the successful person to hold all of these attributes when starting work with us. But these are what we hope to develop in you over time.

  • People person.
  • Stable under pressure.
  • Have an awareness of “What is the best use of my/ my team's time right now”.
  • Can coach new skills to others in a supportive manner.
  • Can work on your own, and with others to achieve company goals.
  • Able to give each customer that personal touch.
  • Respond quickly to change.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership styles and how they impact teams.
  • Regularly reflect and learn from previous experiences.
  • An awareness of what makes a valuable leader, and how you can embody that whilst on shift.
  • A capacity to delegate, not abdicate.
  • ‘Be a swan’, calm above water whilst working hard underneath.
  • Curiosity and desire for personal development both within a leadership role and the climbing industry.
  • Confident in upholding the values of Boulder Shack and fostering a positive work environment.

Previous Experience:

  • Previous experience of working within the climbing industry is not required; an awareness of how our industry operates would be advantageous, especially if coupled with people leadership experience.



  • Recent experience leading a team.
  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • NGB Instructing Qualification (e.g. Climbing Wall Instructor, Rock Climbing Instructor or higher)
  • NGB Coaching Qualification (e.g. Foundation Coach/ Development Coach) or a history of coaching sport to a good level.
  • BMC FUNdamentals 1, 2 and 3, or accredited prior learning course.
  • Valid Child Safeguarding Certificate.


As a Duty Manager you will work closely with the Duty Manager Team to ensure unity in standards and expectations of all employees and the site as a whole. Your ongoing professional development will be overseen by Ollie; members of our Leadership Team. You will have the opportunity to choose your Line Manager from a wider pool of staff who have this responsibility.

Salary, Hours and Holiday:

We have a skills-based pay system; hourly rates will vary depending on age, skills and experience. This is with the knowledge that as your skills progress, so will your hourly rate. Starting hourly rates are detailed below:

  • Aged 18 - 20yrs: starting at £10/ph
  • Aged 21 - 22yrs: starting at £10.68/ph
  • Aged 23yrs+: starting at £10.92/ph 

Please note that from the 1st of April 2024 the age 21 - 22 yrs bracket and 23yrs+ bracket will be combined at a base hourly rate of £11.94 per hour


  • We are looking for an individual who can offer 35 - 40 hrs per week to the company.
  • Shifts for the role will be scheduled in advance by our Team Administrator. Hours will be varied between mornings, evenings on both weekdays (between 09:15 - 22:15) and weekends (between 08:45 - 20:45).
  • You will be entitled to 28 days paid holiday entitlement per calendar year.

Perks of working for Boulder Shack:

  • FREE CLIMBING, with us and a variety of local climbing walls.
  • 2 friends can climb for £1 each with you whilst you are not on shift.
  • Free hot drinks whilst on and off shift.
  • 40% discount on other items from our awesome cafe.

*The following will only be available after successful completion of a 3-month probationary period: 

Access to trade discounts on a huge variety of climbing manufacturers, including Patagonia who support our staff uniform.

Up to £250 per year to be paid towards any training/ qualification of your choice; these do not need to include climbing related courses. Examples of what this fund has been used for in the past are: Flying trapeze lessons, surf lifeguard course, surf instructor, IPAF licence, the list goes on…

If this sounds like the ideal role for you, then we’d love for you to apply!

Deadline for application: 14/12/2023

Closing Date: 14th December

For more information Apply now

16 Dec, 2023

If your duty managers starting wage is pretty much minimum wage what do you pay your regular staff?

18 Dec, 2023


Wage is based on skill and experience.

Nope wage is based on legal minimum.

In fact on the wages offered most people could not afford to take the courses to get the qualifications they ask for.

18 Dec, 2023

"Key Holder: You will be given a set of keys to the centre. With this comes the responsibility of ensuring the security of the site whilst we are closed. Duty managers will be the first person on site in the morning, and the last person to leave in the evening."

Not only do you have to be first in and last out when you're working, you have to mount security patrols when you're off duty! :)

18 Dec, 2023

You get free hot drinks tho.

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