Scarpa Maestro

The Maestro is an antidote to crippling downturned performance shoes, says Theo Moore: a comfy flat(ish) shoe which still manages to pack a technical punch

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Armaid Massage Tool

Whether you're recovering from an injury or hoping not to get one, this odd-looking self-massage device could be part of the answer, says Rob Greenwood

Mastermind by Jerry Moffatt

Jerry Moffatt's latest book Mastermind uses his own experience, that of professional climbers and the teachings of sports academics to create a lesson in climbing psychology. This beautifully designed and highly informative book is a pleasure to read, says Theo...


In early December, UKC received an invitation to review the latest incarnation of the Moonboard. Never one to shy away from a challenge UKC accepted the offer and sent Rob Greenwood along to test it out.

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MASTERMIND - Mental training for climbers

The famous Wolfgang G├╝llich once said: "The brain is the most important muscle for climbing." Utilizing the power of your mind will make the most of your existing strengths, techniques, and abilities to perform under pressure not just in climbing, but in all sports.

Lattice assessments now available at Big Rock in Milton Keynes

Big Rock Climbing joins the Lattice Trianing partner walls programme with Lattice Board Assessments now available at Big Rock Bond in Milton Keynes.

Women's Climbing Symposium headliners announced

Anna Stohr, Beth Rodden and Caroline Ciavaldini to headline Women's Climbing Symposium

Brit Rock Tour 2018

The Brit Rock Film Tour has all the best new climbing films from the UK's top adventure filmmakers, featuring some of the country's...

SENDit Supplements

To put it simply, we're here to help you perform at your best. Along with smart training, a proper diet and enough rest, nutritional...

Climbing Instructor - University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham is seeking a dynamic, vibrant and professional climbing wall assistant to join our...

Women's technical climbing shoe range at London's best Climbing shop CMK

What's in a name? Women's shoes or 'low volume' shoes? They all smell the...

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