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Stretch ascender fabric and a diamond crotch mean your trousers won't be the limiting factor in your bridging  © Ben Bishop

Mountain Equipment Dihedral Pant

Mountain Equipment's Dihedral Pant is designed to be "the perfect all-round pant" for "year round climbing everywhere from big walls, to sea cliffs and training boards". Rebecca Ting gives them a run for their money.

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These are reviews from the UKC editorial team

Secret Stuff makes a massive difference in higher humidity conditions   © Rob Greenwood - UKC

Friction Labs Secret Stuff & Secret Stuff AF

Team Sky built their cycling success around making marginal gains, and Friction Labs Secret Stuff liquid chalk does much the same for the climber, reckons Rob Greenwood.

LV shoes group test  © UKC Gear
LV shoes group test  © UKC Gear

Group Test Performance Rock Shoes - Women's/LV Fit

In this group test we compare nine pairs of performance shoes with a women's / low volume fit. How did they all do...?

The Maestro has plenty of flex in the forefoot, great for smearing.  © Mike Hutton
The Maestro has plenty of flex in the forefoot, great for smearing.  © Mike Hutton

Scarpa Maestro

The Maestro is an antidote to crippling downturned performance shoes, says Theo Moore: a comfy flat(ish) shoe which still manages to pack a technical punch

Armaid montage  © Rob Greenwood
Armaid montage  © Rob Greenwood

Armaid Massage Tool

Whether you're recovering from an injury or hoping not to get one, this odd-looking self-massage device could be part of the answer, says Rob...

Mastermind by Jerry Moffatt

Jerry Moffatt's latest book Mastermind uses his own experience, that of professional climbers and the teachings of sports academics to...

Moonboard Review Montage Image  © Nick Brown - UKC
Moonboard Review Montage Image  © Nick Brown - UKC


In early December, UKC received an invitation to review the latest incarnation of the Moonboard. Never one to shy away from a challenge UKC accepted the...

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Five  © Interface Climbing

Ground-Up walls from Interface Climbing

The new Ground-Up walls and Greenholds from Interface Climbing provide an affordable and adaptable system for climbing and training at home. The self-assembly walls, available in a range of angles and widths, along with the system-board...

The Climbing Bible - Technical, physical and mental training for rock climbing

Want to improve your climbing technique? The Climbing Bible collates the best European training techniques into one book with information on how to specifically train for the technical, physical and mental...

Pure Grip 3x2  © Beal
Pure Grip 3x2  © Beal


Beal ROLL GRIP is liquid chalk in a roll-on 50ml bottle. It's refillable using Beal PURE GRIP which comes in 250ml.

CRAWE Profile  © Five Ten
CRAWE Profile  © Five Ten

Five Ten CRAWE

Designed in collaboration with Swiss bouldering legend Fred Nicole for technical bouldering or sport routes, these climbing shoes...

Beast your workouts  © Griptonite
Beast your workouts  © Griptonite

Grippy App - Beast yourself during lockdown with professional workouts from top co

Beast yourself during lockdown with professional workouts from top...

BOREAL Ace and Ballet

The BOREAL Ace and Ballet are modern takes on classic models. The Ace is the ideal routes shoe, with a precise fit and superb edging...

KletterRetter Hand Cream and Chalk

KletterRetter are a German brand whose reputation is built on their excellent hand cream. For spring 2020 their range of...

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