Mammut Climbax Review

The Climbax is a pair of wristbands linked to an app, which tracks your indoor climbing session and performance. It's the first time we've seen something like this, so Theo Moore endeavours to answer the two pressing questions: 'What does it do?' and 'Is it any good?'.

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With uproar still shaking the forums at the phasing out of the cult classic Anasazis, all eyes were on Five Ten for the new NIAD range. We recently reviewed the NIAD VCS. Here Rebecca Ting offers a different take on the lower volume version. Do...

A Feeling for Rock, by Sarah-Jane Dobner

"Reading this book as the end of the third lockdown comes into sight reminded me of all the little things, and the big emotions, that I've missed from climbing" says Ian Parnell.

Addsfit Portable Massage Gun

Walk into any climbing wall and you'll probably see people using an assortment of therabands, foam rollers, and massage balls. This massage gun brings something different to the mix - but is it better than the existing cheaper options for warming up and down,...

Mountain Equipment Dihedral Pant

Mountain Equipment's Dihedral Pant is designed to be "the perfect all-round pant" for "year round climbing everywhere from big...

Friction Labs Secret Stuff & Secret Stuff AF

Team Sky built their cycling success around making marginal gains, and Friction Labs Secret Stuff liquid chalk...

Group Test Performance Rock Shoes - Women's/LV Fit

In this group test we compare nine pairs of performance shoes with a women's / low volume fit. How did they all do...?

Scarpa Maestro

The Maestro is an antidote to crippling downturned performance shoes, says Theo Moore: a comfy flat(ish) shoe which still manages to pack a...

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Mammut Climbax: The world's first climbing tracker

Record and analyse your climbs, compare your performance with other athletes and monitor your own progress. Climbax includes two wristbands equipped with high-precision sensors to record every climbing movement. 

New Additions to the Home Wall Range from Interface Climbing

The Interface climbing wall range has expanded to offer a new width, a new height and a screw-on only holds option to create the most versatile home climbing system on the market. Plus, the release of a futon sofa and an...

A Feeling for Rock, by Sarah-Jane Dobner

A Feeling for Rock is a visceral exploration of rock climbing as a passion and lifestyle. Through a mix of poetry, cartoons, essays, interviews, weavings, photographs and technical tips, it conveys the experience of being bamboozled by a route,...

Ground-Up walls from Interface Climbing

The new Ground-Up walls and Greenholds from Interface Climbing provide an affordable and adaptable system...

The Climbing Bible - Technical, physical and mental training for rock climbing

Want to improve your climbing technique? The Climbing Bible collates the...


Beal ROLL GRIP is liquid chalk in a roll-on 50ml bottle. It's refillable using Beal PURE GRIP which comes in 250ml.

Five Ten CRAWE

Designed in collaboration with Swiss bouldering legend Fred Nicole for technical bouldering or sport routes, these climbing shoes...

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