Neil Gresham Masterclasses for Free at Kendal Wall.

On Wednesday 27 November Neil Gresham will be at the Kendal Wall giving 2 Masterclass Coaching Course in association with La Sportiva.  Neil is undoubtedly one of the most respected coaches in the UK, having produced numerous articles and DVDs on the subject. These two Masterclass session have been made available by La Sportiva one of Neil's key sponsors.

After the Masterclass sessions Neil will be giving a lecture in the La Sportiva room on his latest climbing adventures. Please click here for further information, we expect this to be busy so please book early.

NEIL GRESHAM’S MASTERCLASSES Britain’s best-known climbing coach has channeled twenty years of experience into these structured sessions, which are proven to help intermediate climbers to improve fast. The classes are ideally suited to anyone who is climbing between F5+ and F6c (V1 - V4). They are based on the bouldering wall, although relevant information for leading is also included. So if your climbing has reached a plateau, let Neil kick-start your motivation and boost you on to the next level.

Areas covered:

WARMING-UP: New information on how to warm-up safely and effectively:

TECHNIQUE: How to keep your technique improving continuously, tips for better movement: footwork, balance, staying relaxed and conserving energy, technique for overhangs and tactical tips for cracking harder routes & boulder problems.

TRAINING: How to use the training apparatus to improve strength and endurance.

Neil in Sicily


“There is no doubt that in the UK, Neil is by far the most well known and respected rock climbing coach, with his reputation spreading across the borders and into Europe and America. He is the voice of all the UK coaches and the person we all look to for advice in developing our own coaching services." Steve McClure (1.12.10)

In Praise of Neil’s Masterclass sessions:

“Thank you so much for the Masterclass I attended today! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and must admit I was slightly nervous. However the class far exceeded any expectations! The techniques you taught us altered my mindset and from now on, my approach to climbing! THANK YOU Neil for a totally mind blowing masterclass today!“ Jonathan E (Southampton)

“I really enjoyed the session, and felt that I walked away both motivated about my climbing, and having gained some good tips about my technique and some valuable advice on how to train properly. I think the proof is in the pudding really. Before Neil came I had only climbed the red route to the left of the slab on top-rope and after Neil's lesson, I lead it with relative ease. Thanks Neil!!” Andrew G (Norwich)

“It was a truly inspiring day. Neil has such an enthusiastic and personable nature and his advice was spot on. It has definitely rekindled the hunger to keep climbing and progress further…. It was very useful to have an educated outsider's point of view on your climbing. Thanks very much, Neil.” Sian (Norwich).

If you wish to participate in these session then please click here for further information



For more information visit Kendal Wall
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