Meet Urban Climber James Kingston at the EOFT

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Urban climber James Kingston will be on stage at all UK screenings to answer questions about his remarkable film 'Don't Look Down'.  The 23 year old climbs cranes, bridges and skyscrapers without using safety equipment.  

“Most people wet their pants when they look down,” he says, “but why shouldn’t I look down after taking the trouble of climbing up?”

There are two other climbing films included in the two hour long programme of this year's best adventure sports films.

  • Alex Honnold free-soloing the 'El Sendero Luminoso' route in Mexico, a 762-metre rock face of compacted lime, in January 2014.
  • And in 'The Frozen Titans' Will Gadd tackles the route you can't climb in summer and you don't really want to climb in winter - the 141 metre waterfall, Helmcken Falls.  Read an interview with Will Gadd on UKC

Meet Urban Climber James Kingston at the EOFT, 95 kb

Tickets are £13 and available from Ellis Brigham (in participating stores) or online:

For a taste of what's in store, watch Bangalore Sport TV's surreal interview with James at the Munich premiere earlier this month. 

Watch the trailer:



For more information visit European Outdoor Film Tour
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