Agripp launch new plywood & fibreglass climbing wall volume range Press Release

New for 2019, Agripp continue to expand their product line-up with the introduction of a great looking range of climbing wall volumes available in plywood and fibreglass, with a choice of 11 popular colours.

Agripp's plywood volume range is available in 15 different shapes (each available in size S or M) with pre-installed t-nuts for mounting holds onto the volumes, in addition to pre-piloted reinforced fixing holes for simple wall fixing.

The fibreglass range has been designed to complement Agripp's Dune range of climbing holds launched in 2018, and embraces modern competition style route setting with simple, clean shapes that facilitate dynamic and compression movement.

Manufactured from a unique composition of polyester resin and fibreglass designed to offer perfect friction, with a light, thin and strong construction, this range is available in 10 different styles, all with pre-piloted fixing holes for simple attachment using wood screws.

About Agripp

The Agripp story begins in the forest, on the rock, under a climber's fingers over thirty years ago when modern climbing was in its infancy.

Founded by Belgian master sculptor Philippe Ceulemans, Agripp is a fusion of family sculpting heritage and passion for rock climbing stretching back decades. Philippe received his sculpting heritage from his grandfather and great-grandfather, and completed his education at the Fine Arts Schools of Brussels. 25 years after shaping his first holds in 1991, Philippe still works in the workshop of his grandfather, where as a child his love for sculpting began.

In his early days as a shaper, Philippe was influenced by his friends Arnould T'Kint, one of the world's best climbers at the time and Jean-Marc Blanche, the creator of the first climbing hold.

The Agripp design philosophy has always been to create fluid and original shapes that are ergonomic to use and that also incorporate the latest climbing hold technologies. Each Agripp climbing hold design is crafted by Philippe and represents a unique artwork and climbing experience: a synergy of his two passions.

Agripp products are available in the UK exclusively through Beacon Climbing.

Phone: +44 (0)1286 685 964

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