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The 2024 climbing season on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is officially underway. As the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro offers a great experience for beginners and seasoned hikers. It's a peak of the 7-Summits program and the highest mountain in Africa.  

One of Kilimanjaro's appeals is that it doesn't demand specialized technical climbing skills or advanced mountaineering equipment, making it accessible to a wider range of adventurers.

Altezza Trekkers on Kilimanjaro, summit zone. October 2023   © UKC Gear
Altezza Trekkers on Kilimanjaro, summit zone. October 2023 

Our preparations for the 2024 season

In preparation for the 2024 season, Altezza Travel has made significant updates to the climbing gear inventory. We ordered 200 new Altezza Tents specifically for 2024 expeditions. 

Altezza Travel Camp on Kilimanjaro after a short rain  © UKC Gear
Altezza Travel Camp on Kilimanjaro after a short rain

Additionally, we invested in new tents for our premium adventures. These tents are not just ordinary; they are special walk-in models designed to enhance the comfort of Kilimanjaro expeditions. The spacious design of these tents allows enough room to include a camping cot inside, offering a more comfortable and elevated experience for trekkers. This innovation reflects Altezza Travel's commitment to providing exceptional service and memorable experiences on Kilimanjaro.

Altezza premium tents in the crater zone   © UKC Gear
Altezza premium tents in the crater zone

Finally, some of Altezza Travel's guides have recently completed a specialized training program in Nepal with the renowned Nimsdai team in the Himalayas. Having learned from the best in the industry, our guides are now prepared to bring cutting-edge international expertise to the peaks of Kilimanjaro. 

What to expect on Kilimanjaro in 2024

Kilimanjaro presents a unique journey through five distinct climate zones, akin to traveling from a jungle to Antarctica in just one week. From the summit, hikers may see breathtaking panoramic views of the African savannah. The journey starts in a lush tropical forest and ascends to the frigid Arctic zone at the peak.

On the Machame and Marangu routes, which wind through the tropical forest, the hikers are likely to see a lot of wildlife. Our clients often spot blue monkeys and black-and-white colobuses. 

The Lemosho route, often recommended for its scenic beauty and great acclimatization profile, begins in the alpine meadows zone. This offers an opportunity to witness a different side of the mountain's diverse ecosystem. Alternatively, the Rongai route on the northern side of Kilimanjaro starts in a coniferous forest, distinct from the tropical forests on other routes. However, each route offers its own unique and amazing experiences, showcasing the diverse natural beauty of Kilimanjaro.

Lemosho route glades  © UKC Gear
Lemosho route glades

Is it busy on Kilimanjaro? 

Kilimanjaro climbing has seen a return to its pre-pandemic levels, welcoming about 40,000 climbers annually. Despite these numbers, crowding is not a significant concern. Thanks to the six different routes up Kilimanjaro, hikers are well-distributed across the mountain, effectively preventing any congestion. While some crowding may occur in the summit zone around New Year's Eve, this is an exception. Overall, trekkers can expect a relatively crowd-free experience, allowing them to enjoy their climb without the worry of 'traffic jams' on the trails. 

At Altezza Travel we found a good way to encounter even fewer hikers on Kilimanjaro trails. When we looked at more than 800 hiking trips in 2023, involving over 4000 hikers, we made a surprising discovery. If you begin your hike on a Wednesday or Thursday, you'll meet significantly fewer other climbers. Starting the hike mid-week means encountering only one-fifth of the normal crowds, compared to starting on a Monday.

This trend is even more pronounced on the Rongai route, the least crowded route up the mountain. Starting a journey on Rongai on a Wednesday or Thursday can mean experiencing 40 times fewer climbers compared to beginning a Machame route hike on a Monday! To minimize the number of other hikers on your Kilimanjaro trek, consider these insights when booking.

Altezza group in the summit zone. One shouldn’t expect large crowds there   © UKC Gear
Altezza group in the summit zone. One shouldn’t expect large crowds there

How to get to Kilimanjaro? 

Reaching Kilimanjaro is relatively easy, thanks to daily flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Major airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France, and Swiss International Air Lines, among others, offer such flights. Also, Condor Air recently announced plans to start operating flights into Tanzania's mainland. 

The cost for a round trip from London or other major European cities typically varies between $800 and $1500, making the journey to this exciting destination both accessible and relatively affordable for many travellers.

For whom the trek is recommended 

Kilimanjaro is an ideal choice for those who have recently developed an interest in mountain hiking. Despite its considerable height of 5,895 metres (19,340 feet), which offers a real taste of being at a serious altitude, it doesn't necessitate any special skills or equipment. This makes it a perfect starting point for beginners to understand and experience high-altitude trekking without the technical complexities of more challenging mountains.

Kilimanjaro terrain is suitable for experienced hikers and beginners alike   © UKC Gear
Kilimanjaro terrain is suitable for experienced hikers and beginners alike

Kilimanjaro is not just for beginners; it's also a fantastic adventure for experienced hikers seeking an easy and relaxing experience. With all camping logistics managed by a professional crew, hikers can forget about the hassles of setting up camp, carrying gear, cooking, or handling other camping chores. This allows them to focus solely on the hike, enjoying the scenery, and capturing memorable photos.

The duration of expeditions on Kilimanjaro varies depending on the chosen route, ranging from 6 to 9 days. We recommend the 7-day itineraries, as they offer better acclimatization and a more comfortable pace, enhancing the overall experience on this remarkable mountain.

For anyone interested in learning more about Kilimanjaro or wishing to join one of the 2024 expeditions, reach out to Altezza Travel. On our website, you may chat with our Kilimanjaro experts, request a callback, or send us a message. You'll also find a lot of up-to-date content and insightful videos about Kilimanjaro adventures there. 

We will be happy to see you in Tanzania!

Kilimanjaro terrain is suitable for experienced hikers and beginners alike   © UKC Gear
Kilimanjaro terrain is suitable for experienced hikers and beginners alike

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