American Heritage Outdoor brand Eddie Bauer has launched a UK website. Press Release

Eddie Bauer is one of the most recognisable outdoor brands in the United States, with an impressive track record of over 100 years of product innovation for outdoor adventurers. The brand has recently launched in the UK and is now celebrating the launch of their new website:

Established in 1920, Eddie Bauer founded the brand out of his small sports store in Seattle. His first big product innovation came out of a near death experience. On a winter fishing trip in 1935 he started to freeze from the snowy, wet January conditions, he made it back to the car and managed to alert his friend but did become hypothermic. After this experience, Eddie Bauer was determined to develop a better form of cold-weather outerwear. Using knowledge of the down-filled clothing his uncle had described wearing as a soldier, Eddie designed the down-quilted Skyliner jacket. In 1936 the Skyliner down jacket became the first to be patented in the USA, Eddie Bauer owned the exclusive right to use the quilted diamond pattern for 14 years. The innovation of this jacket was revolutionary for the outdoor industry as a whole. The Skyliner Down Jacket still exists in the range today.

The decades that followed saw an abundance of innovation and exploration for the brand, outfitting many first ascents and even becoming the first independent company to be permitted to use a logo on US army-issued clothing. Eddie Bauer became synonymous with down products in particular and the quality of the products was recognised by anyone who used the gear.

Over 100 years later, the rich heritage remains at the brand's core. Innovative down technology is still a big part of their product development, the product range has won many industry awards.

Eddie Bauer now offers an extensive range of outdoor clothing and equipment for a wide range of outdoor activities. Whilst technical, performance gear is an important part of the collection, Eddie Bauer products also crossover into the outdoor lifestyle category, enabling people of all activity levels to connect with the outdoors in their own way. The mission is to inspire and enable all people to connect with the outdoors, with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability.

Product Highlight: Guide Pro Pants - RRP £90

Guide products are designed and developed in collaboration with outdoor professionals as part of the First Ascent collection. This guide-built programme involves rigorous testing from people who live and work outdoors, so you can be sure Guide legwear has been pushed to the limit and proved to perform.

The best-selling legwear products are available for men and women, with product variations including shorts, zip-offs, joggers, leggings, lined trousers and more. Guide Pro Pants are a staple piece for any outdoor adventurer, features include: lightweight, comfortable, stretchy, durable and water repellant.

Whilst the brand has a huge presence in the United States, Eddie Bauer is newer to most people in the UK and Europe. As part of the brand's launch in the UK, Eddie Bauer products will be available direct to consumers and through retailers. Customers in the EU can also purchase through a separate website and there are plans to grow the brand's presence across all of Europe.

The Eddie Bauer Europe head office is located in Manchester and Eddie Bauer stores will soon appear in various parts of the UK.

Follow the journey and growth of Eddie Bauer on social media @eddiebauereurope on Instagram and Eddie Bauer Europe on Facebook. View the UK website at

For all media enquiries contact Alethea Lund-Wright, [email protected].


For more information Explore New UK Website

13 Jul, 2023

Nice to see they've modified their claim to have "invented the down jacket", which the Australian George Finch did in the 1920s for Everest.

I've used several pieces of EB gear. Their First Ascent line used to be quite good, though it declined. Much of their gear was pretty average, lots of 'travel' Rohan type clothes, but there were some technical gems in there too. They had a good expedition tent, good big down jackets (Peak XV), Primaloft jackets, gloves and some good shell garments. Lots of women's versions too.

I have several pairs of those Guide Pro softshell trousers, because they had a huge range of sizes, colours and with Long variants. They fit great and look good but unfortunately were not so durable, losing stitching and shape after a year or so of wear. Good when on 40% off sale though.

Unfortunately when Covid hit they stopped shipping internationally, so that was that.

13 Jul, 2023

I have a pair of their trousers; possibly called alpine, or something like that, bought in the US seven or eight years ago. Lightweight, shower proof, nice stretch to the fabric, no frills and very good too (especially at a sale price).

The colour choice was light grey or that strange colour lots of American brands favour that looks like pee when you eventually release it after being badly dehydrated. I chose grey.

Quite what they think they'll get out of a UK market already well populated with what they offer, especially at the premium price they're likely to want to demand, is a moot point. If anyone's especially taken with their stuff I'd not put a purchase off too long as I can't see them being here more than a year or two.


18 Aug, 2023

I've been using the EB stuff for about 10 years, buying it from outlet malls on business trips in the USA. It was always great value, being much cheaper than UK equivalents. Ascent stuff good for basic mountaineering, hiking, travel and similar. Not really technical. Great T shirts - especially as I hate stuff with big branding boasty badges.

I noticed their prices were up a lot on my last trip, and less discounting in malls.

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