Brand new Outdoor Boulders at The Castle Press Release

Brand new Outdoor Boulders - Opening mid May 2019

Over the last six months we have been very hard at work re-designing and improving our outdoor boulder field. Our last boulders badly needed a face lift after six hard years. However, rather than just rebuilding them we have included them in our plan to massively improve the quality and quantity of the climbing here. As this is the first phase in our ambitious programme of improvements, we wanted to make sure it's as good as we could make it. So we have increased the site by a third in size, created extra seating, made new paths, improved the designs and made it possible to route set the same as on the indoor walls.

The Climbing

The names remain the same but everything else is new.

  • Trackside Boulder
  • Big wide slab
  • More overhanging sections and better angles
  • Increased surface area
  • Rounded top outs
  • Safer down climb slab that continues all the way to the ground
  • Varying height finishes or "top outs" for all abilities of climbers
  • Improved landing zone

Battleship Boulder

  • Rounded top outs
  • Varying height finishes for all abilities of climbers
  • Huge increase in climbing surface area
  • Massive variety in climbing angles including roof section, 5 to 45 degree overhangs, vertical walls and slab

The Featured boulder

This piece of Castle history is unchanged and remains as classic as some of the original featured-only boulder problems dreamt up in 1995

The Route setting

Setting will replicate indoor circuits and off-piste boulder grading VB-V10

  • Huge investment in new holds
  • Top outs will propose new challenges for Castle climbers
  • New purpose built store room

Top Outs (finishing standing on top)

  • Safer down climb slabs will be set on each boulder
  • The previous boulder design was confusing as to top out or not
  • New designs are both designed to be top out. All climbs will finish standing on top of the boulder
  • Top outs will vary between easy and super slopey "Fontainebleau" style rounded horror shows

For more information visit The Castle

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