Dreamwall arrives in the U.K. Press Release

Serious Climbing Distribution is proud to announce that it's the new U.K. exclusive for Dreamwall.   

Having helped develop and complete many projects in the U.K and Ireland over the last ten years, Serious Climbing welcomes some familiar faces back into our lives, bringing one of the most experienced wall-building teams back to the U.K. to turn your dreams into reality.

&copySharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola
©Sharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola

Dreamwalls most recent projects this autumn/winter are firstly the impressive new Sharma Climbing Gym in Gava, Spain.  The Dream Team had worked many times on Chris Sharma's earlier gyms and it was a great major project for Dreamwall.  This gym is a pretty significant size and great use of extra mezzanine space to really maximise the building for more climbing surface, without ruining the openness.

&copySharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola
©Sharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola

Another major cutting-edge project was the Bouba Boulder in Baden, Switzerland.  Featuring another great mezzanine extension and tonnes of bouldering, delivering a bright and futuristic climbing gym facility that bucks the trend with new shapes and colours.

Serious Climbing and Dreamwall can supply the entire gym package and are happy to offer advice and consultation.  'We are focused on supplying a successful climbing gym, really based on the climber's experience.  Making sure we have the best climbing holds and route setting available to support the project once the installation is complete.  We start with who is going to use the gym, then work back through the route setting style and selection of the right climbing holds, from the right brands and then design the walls so that it works.

&copySharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola  © Serious Climbing
©Sharma Climbing Gava - Ricardo Giancola

Having a design team that has worked on everything from IFSC World Cup competition walls to some of the largest gyms in the world, we are really conscious to get the wall right for the project' Mark English - Serious Climbing Distribution.

Contact us by email - or call us - 07515 850030 to discuss your project and make your Dreamwall a reality.



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