Short film 'Freya' unveils how the outdoors unleashes neurodiversity superpowers Press Release

The short film 'Freya' is now available to watch on the Berghaus YouTube channel. Directed by Natasha Brooks and presented by Berghaus, the four-minute film explores how Freya Houlding uses nature, climbing and the outdoors to help navigate her neurodiversity and harness its strengths.

Freya's dad, Leo Houlding, explains: "A week into our first family expedition in the wilderness, Freya said 'being in nature is like opening a window into your heart, to let in the happiness that was always there you just didn't know it before.' My heart almost burst.

"When Jess, my wife who is a GP, first noticed our daughter Freya's neuroatypical tendencies and suggested formal diagnosis, I was reticent, not wanting to label her unique and individual character traits as autistic. Thankfully, we went ahead and with both professional and parental support, Freya has gone on to develop a deep and sophisticated understanding of herself and her form of autism - Asperger's - making her far better equipped to deal with the ongoing challenges she faces. Freya is comfortable with her neurodiversity and has the confidence and courage to articulately share what she has learnt in the hope it might help and inspire others.

"It doesn't have to be extreme and you don't have to be autistic to benefit from quality time enjoying adventure in nature as a family. There is a window in everyone's heart waiting to be opened to let in the happiness - you just might not know it yet."

Freya narrates the film that takes her name and provides a great insight into her world, and how the outdoors allows her to unleash her "superpowers".

22 Dec, 2023

Thanks so much, a totally brilliant film, with for me the added bonus of happy memories of climbing the South Pillar of Stetind 8 years ago.

22 Dec, 2023

That is rather wonderful.

22 Dec, 2023

Wasn't that brilliant?

Many thanks to the whole Houlding family and especially, of course, to Freya.


22 Dec, 2023

Climbing film of the year for me. Thanks so much to Freya, her family, and the production team.

31 Dec, 2023


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