RMNP Summer Sends: Brooke Raboutou and Natalia Grossman

Brooke Raboutou and Natalia Grossman amass an all star tick list during their 2020 summer in Rocky Mountain National Park. Together they put down over fifty double digits including eight V13s. This video showcases 11 of their proudest sends V12-V14. Is this the most stacked female bouldering video ever?

1 Jan

Impressive. But how can these activities be achieved with the current levels of lockdown/tiers in Scotland? And, isn't it rubbing our English noses in it somewhat, showing these wonderful conditions that we can't get access to?

They probably live in Scotlands highland council area. They could live in Durness and legally travel to climb in Glencoe or live in Aviemore and travel to climb on Skye, you get my point. I also suspect they might be covered by the professional athlete training exemption. For Hamish Frost the photographer for work will likely cover him. I dunno, not saying it's fair.

1 Jan

Some people are bending and breaking the rules, some people live in the areas and aren't breaking the rules. And this might come as a surprise to you, but some of the people who live in the areas, and aren't breaking the rules......are English!

haha get over it. How many Scottish trad climbers in lockdown would be complaining about how good the summer conditions are in England and wales whilst its pissing it down in the north? they have it good at the moment so why wouldn't they be out if they can do it within guidelines.

Plus there's been a fair number of winter routes ticked south of the border. I know plenty of locals who've been taking advantages of the good conditions whilst breaking no rules whatsoever.

Is there such a thing (in Britain)? Even if there was, I doubt it would be intended for relatively risky activities like trad/winter climbing...

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