The New Boreal Ninja - a modern take on a classic shoe

The original Ninja was truly revolutionary, being the first ever 'slip lasted' rock shoe. It's hard to put this into perspective given the plethora of choice we have these days, but it really was ground breaking. As such, the Ninja was the go-to shoe for many of that era's greatest climbers: Jackie Goddoffe, Jerry Moffatt, and John Bachar.

The Ninja is undoubtedly a specialist bouldering and indoor/competition shoe, but in those environments it's a highly fun shoe to climb in, being simultaneously comfortable, technical and sensitive. If you're looking for something that fits those criteria then the Ninja will take you everywhere from circuits to projects.

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20 Jul, 2020

I can't say how it compares to other brands but I've been using a selection of the latest Boreal models during the last year or so and the Ninjas have emerged as a clear favourite for me for everyday use. The only thing they seem to share in common with the original Ninja is the fact that there's no laces or velcro, as the heel stays on magnificently well while heelhooking and they're very precise on small edges and toe pockets.

21 Jul, 2020

What is the sizing like John?

21 Jul, 2020

Not sure it's a good idea to rely on my ideas of sizing. I'm a 7.5/8 street shoe and my Ninjas are 6.5, which is about as small as I'd comfortably be able to squeeze into. Another half size bigger would still climb pretty well for me.

21 Jul, 2020

That's really interesting given I'm also 7.5 - 8 street shoe. So to clarify 6.5 for very snug, 7 still pretty good but not as crippling? (Don't worry, I wouldn't buy without trying, but if I need to order a couple of pairs online and then return one this has been really helpful, thanks.)

21 Jul, 2020

To be fair I haven't tried any 7s but based on how the 6.5s feel I'm sure I'd be happy enough wearing 7s for a large proportion of my climbing.

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