The Top of the Unparallel Range: The Flagship

The new shoe at the top of the Unparallel range is here: the Flagship. Designed in collaboration with Tomoa Narasaki, it's built as a high performance all-rounder.

It features a toe cap made of durable high-friction rubber and a simple, yet durable, one-strap closure system that provides a secure fit. The outsole is made from RS and RH rubber and split into two pieces. By separating the outsole, UP aimed to achieve the maximum stiffness/rigidity and power to the toe whilst maintaining sensitivity.

Look for our review soon.

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Hi All,

I'll be writing up the full review of the Flagship over the coming weeks, but - as usual - if anyone has any questions in the meanwhile fire them across and I'll do my best to answer.

In the meanwhile, prizes are available to whoever can identify the boulder that's featured within the film...

30 Mar, 2021

Looks like the loaf stone at curbar. Looks a bit cleaner than when I tried to climb there!

Correct-a-mundo Keith.

It's in quite good condition at the moment, although its still a little bit scrittly. We're going to include it within the next edition of Peak Bouldering, so hopefully that'll encourage a little more traffic, as it certainly deserves it.

30 Mar, 2021

Yep it's a good looking boulder. Was surprised it was so dirty when I went but I guess it's cos it's not in the guide. Definitely worth including in the guide although don't think I'd be taking £150 shoes there!

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