Le Tour des Alpilles - A biking and climbing roadtrip!

How can you find adventure in your own backyard? How can you discover something new, without travelling to the other side of the world? In the wake of COVID-19, Professional climbers Caroline Ciavaldini & James Pearson embark on a biking and climbing journey through the south of France, in pursuit of a new, adapted family adventure.

14 Nov, 2020

Good vid, as usual from them.

Good to hear that they're limiting their travel compared to previously, but thought that we need to be realistic about whether other people can do the same so well. We don't all live in such an amazing area.

But still cool

16 Nov, 2020

In reply to Removed UserBilberry

Or the drones?

Or the back up film crew? 😃

16 Nov, 2020

Great video. Really good to see some of those more obscure limestone crags.

I was a bit worried about some of those off-road tracks and bouncing a toddler down them, but I'm sure they were sensible about it.

I don't think they were camping - I think the trailer was for climbing kit and they were staying in B&Bs or something??

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