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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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A420 Shrivenham to Swindon. Pavement?Indy920927-Mar-14
Animals as commodities MGC3262027-Mar-14
How much do you earn?KingStapo1505,17927-Mar-14
Benefits CapPeterM2952427-Mar-14
buyer asking for refund on popular online auction sitedanrock101141,02827-Mar-14
do they need cam bets changing? Help buying a carpuppythedog2751426-Mar-14
Mr Pylon Kingestivoautumnal211,20026-Mar-14
Montane Factory ShopHenrycuillin123026-Mar-14
MS 365 vs Office 2013JamButty1024826-Mar-14
Cricket T20, womenAl Evans26526-Mar-14
climbing ice after foot/tendon surgery Tibialis Tendon?Gin GIn-2526-Mar-14
“Vorsprung durch Technik.”Chris Craggs571,47826-Mar-14
Property question for legal typesRob Exile Ward2059426-Mar-14
Everest River questionFesteringSore632126-Mar-14
FGM prosecutionjohncoxmysteriously1061,73826-Mar-14
Car rear light failure questionChris Harris633825-Mar-14
Jobs in the big smokeAndy DB2581725-Mar-14
Thunderbird email questionEnty217025-Mar-14
whats with the arnold clark stickersmc20062394425-Mar-14
Venice have Their VNP Independence Vote . Jim C1135425-Mar-14
Phone virus?DogmaLook21049825-Mar-14
Premier Inn planned for Ambleside?mgce25c191,04825-Mar-14
How to get teenage daughter more involved in the outdoorsKarabiner Karen271,00825-Mar-14
Job locations?RockAngel126425-Mar-14
Compulsory Arabic?stroppygob931,72524-Mar-14
Excel - Conditional Formatting (noob alert)I'd rather be climbing311424-Mar-14
Anthropomorphisation of animal behaviour? aln821,21724-Mar-14
Matlab help needed... again!crayefish627424-Mar-14
French local electionsDoug1128924-Mar-14
Having trouble posting in For Sale/WantedJames Malloch531523-Mar-14
Fantastic challenge, worth supportingdartfrog110523-Mar-14
The 5th annual spring migrants threadAlyson1653623-Mar-14
vauxhall combosam.sam.sam.ferguson916723-Mar-14
Bollington Science Festivaljockster-8023-Mar-14
Bucharest, General Travel adviceTim.W.Climber316223-Mar-14
Spot location for giant rope swing...felixizzy1163622-Mar-14
IOSH or NEBOSH?teflonpete936422-Mar-14
Google Maps: No Split Screen for Map/Street ViewFactorXXX212722-Mar-14
Satisfaction & happiness vs salaryFrankBooth123221-Mar-14
The ultimate reply!crayefish51,86721-Mar-14
Which powers would you pick instead of Scottish Independence?Valaisan1850221-Mar-14
Asking someone what they earn... rude or not?cb_6351,20221-Mar-14
Ireland cricket, St Patricks day win in world T20Al Evans1827621-Mar-14
Academic paper neededalasdair191139820-Mar-14
Tick bites and red meat allergyDave Kerr542620-Mar-14
How much does it cost to own your fist car in UK these daysAl Evans291,01120-Mar-14
"Foods that are bad for you" Blizzard421,08520-Mar-14
Is manufacturing coming back to the UKByEek939120-Mar-14
Steel Panther - TONIGHT (20/03/2014)Phil Kelly117820-Mar-14
New £1 coincrayefish671,44320-Mar-14
Scotland: The new SlovakiaPeterM6396,44220-Mar-14
Snowdon cycling weathergethin_allen211620-Mar-14
MPs call for open books on land ownership in ScotlandDouglas Griffin-8620-Mar-14
BMC promoting religion on the hillside?winhill481,28120-Mar-14
Champions League Clean SweepAndes-10019-Mar-14
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