"It's not a jug!" When couples argue at the crag... Video

© Gaz Parry
We've all been there, well I certainly have. There's something about the stresses of climbing, and the tensions of relationships that can add up to those cringey moments at the crag.

The toys are out of the pram, a few sharp words are spoken in haste, other climbers are turning their heads away in embarrassment, and all of a sudden you're that couple having a domestic over forgetting the water bottle, or not giving enough slack at the right time.

Of course, the difference with me is that it was never my fault... ahem... ;-)

In this video, sent in by Gaz Parry and Kate Mills (Epic Adventures), we see a little domestic, which includes shoe throwing and all.

Gaz commented:

"In the name of real life experiences of couples climbing I thought I would send you this little vid. It even made me and Kate cry with laughter and tears. We've had loads of feedback saying how refreshing it was that we bit the bullet and uploaded it.

We've been together for 10 years and if you can't laugh at these moments you wont last long!"

Thanks for sending this in guys, it had me in stitches!

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13 Apr, 2012
Fantastic; love the chalk bag in the face accompanied by hidden smile at the end. Last Autumn I witnessed a rather p*ssed off 'famous male climber' at Kaly who was clearly a teensy weensy bit unhappy about having to climb F4's with his female climbing partner. Not so much a full on tantrum as just plain old sullen with the odd spiteful (if quietly spoken) comment thrown in for good measure. Oh how we laughed.
13 Apr, 2012
A climbing trip isnt complete unless i unwittingly reduce my partner to tears! (sorry, but if you just step up on that foothold, you'll be fine..) It makes the post climb pint that much sweeter in my opinion (shame i have to get the drinks in cos im in the do house)
13 Apr, 2012
You call that a domestic?! I suspect there are people somewhere in the world that are STILL cringing after witnessing the domestic my gf and I had at the start of Clogwyn y Person Arête last year!
13 Apr, 2012
13 Apr, 2012
That's nothing, I've been sat atop a climb, belaying my OH on something easy that I know for a fact she is capable of climbing having a great little tiff. This mostly centres around, her saying "I can't ..., just lower me down" me saying things like yes you can, you're already past the crux, just stand on that, you've climbed harder, If I lower you from here I'll have to abb off to get the gear out/ I'll shag my ropes because the rope is over an edge etc. In the end we resort to her attempting to climb in the least enthusiastic manner possible and me hauling her up as much as possible and keeping the rope as tight as possible.
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