The Best of UKC - Amusing Logbook Entries

A new Instagram account recently caught our attention: The Best of UKC (@best_of_ukc). The account - which is not run by any UKC staff members - is described in its profile as 'Bringing you the most hilarious bits of British climbing's greatest export since Edmund Hillary.' We're flattered, we think...

The account shares amusing logbook entries and occasional forum comments and accepts submissions from Instagram users. Give them a follow for a steady stream of UKC funnies.

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I'm interested in reading the funniest bits on UK logbooks.

But the constant invitation to turn on social media cookies is just not worth it. I don't want, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc all following me.

So I'm afraid I shall just have to pass for the moment. Might be nice as a UKC feature though - Photo of the month => Best logbook comment of the month?

14 May

If only more people were prepared to pass on social media.

14 May

You can read the article without being logged in to UKC, so if your browser allows you could always open it in a "private window" and the cookies get binned when you close it again. The comments are quite funny, but I'm sure I've seen better whilst rummaging around the logbooks.. :-) This strikes me as another reason folk might want to remain anonymous on UKC btw - the idea that some goober is out there taking screenshots to share via (other) social media. </tinfoil hat>

14 May

I'm offended not to have been featured.

14 May

Smoked salmon blinis are a thing. A Bellini (not belini) is a peach flavoured cocktail.

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